Join In On 14th May

There are lots of ways you, your family, friend and colleagues could get involved and help make this growing community event a success:

  • Publicise the festival as widely as your can, social media links here.
  • Join us: Encourage your family, friends, colleagues and contacts to come along on the day. There’ll be loads to see and do, eat and drink, so why not make a family day out of it? There’ll be at least 58 dance groups performing all over town and many will be inviting people to join in a dance. You could have a bash at some Bollywood, join hands in a French circle dance, or bash a stick in a traditional Morris dance.
  • Dress for the occasion: Since flowers and greenery are traditional symbols of this time of year why not dress up and incorporate them into your outfit? You could simply wear something green, or wear flowers in your hair or around your hat. During the day there’ll even be the chance to make your own May garland to wear. Or for those who like a bit of fancy dress you could paint your face and come as a Green Man or Woman? 
  • Make a Hobby Horse/Beast: We expect to have at least 16 hobby horses, ‘osses and beasts turning up from around the country, many with dance groups. We’d love some local ones too – they’re easy to make and we’ll be running workshops so anyone can put one together and join in the beastly fun in our parade and beasts’ events. Involve your family, PTA, activity group, work-mates, friends….. Contact us for advice.
  • Help build our giant Jack in the Green. He’s 10 feet tall and covered in leaves, flowers and ribbons. On Friday 13th we’ll be clothing the giant frame so he’s fresh to dance out in the morning – it’s quite a job so help is appreciated! Contact us for more information.
  • Wake Jack at 9am on Saturday 14th May – our spooky ceremony will “awaken” Jack in the Green so he can bring in the spirit of summer. He’s been asleep a long time so we going to need a lot of people and a lot of noise to wake him up!

Make it a success: Most importantly of all – could you give some of your time to help us? Helpers of all ages and abilities are welcome to join our team. You can help before the event, on the day or both. Roles include event management, running the Welcome tent, general stewarding, dancer liaison, selling programmes, market trader/community hub liaison, dance location stewarding and more.