The BoA Green Man Festival – Sat 11th May 2024

Well that went well.

Please send your photos and videos to .

Jack and Jill and the Green Man want to thank everyone involved, the dancers, the traders, the volunteers, the performers, the organisers, our food and drink outlets, the town’s pubs and cafes, restaurants and shops, the Council team, the funfair, the numerous beasts that came from far and wide, the medics from GWP Medical Services, the super-fit BoA Boat Club canoeists that brought Jack to life, and the Children of Artemis, the buskers, Jill’s Jifflers band, Jack’s Ganderflankers band and Jan for creating their eight outfits (literally weeks of sewing), the wonderful concert performers, the session musicians (the French music was so popular it went on for six hours!), everyone at the Wiltshire Music Centre and BoA Folk Club, the teams at the Preservation Trust and Holy Trinity Church and the lovely ladies at the library. A special thank you to the Man Shed and

for building and dressing Jack, he looked fabulous. Let’s not forget DAN Hire for all those portable loos – they were so popular people were queueing up to use them so we’ll have a lot more next year. A massive thank you to Chloe and Anya who produced such a stunning new Jill in the Green and all the people that made those wonderful leaves for her outfit. A particular shout out goes to the town wardens who put in so much effort; they were everywhere, on top of everything and never stopped smiling. We see them around town all the time but probably never think about just how much they do to keep the town looking its best. Our biggest thanks goes to the thousands of wonderful visitors that make the event such a friendly, relaxed and wonderful day. It’s fabulous to see so many people having such a great time, thank you all and please come again. Finally, for Jan and me it was particularly nice to have our son Matt and his son Barnaby performing in Jack’s band with us.

Planning for next year, on Sat 10th May 2025, is already underway and we’ll be back with some new venues and exciting new ideas. Put the date in your dairies. If you have an idea for the day or would like to join our team of volunteers or could help with the organisation please get in touch

We want to keep the event entirely free of charge so no one is excluded but the festival costs over £8k to put on even though no one involved gets paid a penny. That works out at about £1 for every visitor and performer. Your donations make the GMF possible so If you can spare something pease select the QR Code with your smartphone and help make GMF 2025 possible.

Lots of local groups and organsiations work with or support ins to make the GMF possible. They are listed here.