Calling Buskers

We introduced busking spots around the town in 2023 and they proved very popular although some of the inside venues were really too small and a couple of venues backed out at the last minute causing us scheduling problems.

We don’t want to disappoint performers so, having blown hot and cold, we’ve now decided that we will have busking spots in 2024. They are open to musicians, poets, jugglers, in short anyone who can put on a show…. There will be five outside “Busk Stops” but not a timed programme with allocated periods. They’ll be open from 10.30am to 4.30pm with 30 minute gigs spots and change overs on the hour and half hour. You are also free to perform anywhere that suits you but please not in places that clash with other performers or causes safety problems e.g. narrow roadside pavements.

Space constraints mean the spots are limited to 1-3 performers and there’s no room for tons of equipment so, at most, minimum amplification please! You are free to pass the hat round during your performance.

If you are interested in busking please email us so we can gauge numbers.