Meet Jack & Jill in the Green

The BoA Green Man Festival is unique in having a giant Jack in the Green and a Jill in the Green. Jill is accompanied by her band ‘The Jifflers’ (jifffle means to fidget) and her personal dancers from Bounds of Selwood Morris. Jack is accompanied by his band, the Ganderflankers and an entourage of strange beasts. They will be touring the festival as shown below so stop by and say hello and have your photo taken with them. Everyone, particularly children, is encouraged to join Jack or Jill in a traditional circle dance. Join the fun and wear something green.

9.30am Waking Jack & Jill @ The Tithe Barn Help us wake Jack and Jill from their year long slumber. Be ready to make lots of noise. See Bathampton Morris Men and Armaleggan perform the festival’s opening dances. Ragged & Old Mummers will perform their short and amusing Mummer’s play.

2pm – Children are invited to meet Jill in the Green in her secret bower at the Tithe Barn workshops. Small lucky dip treats. She’ll also be hosting local dance groups and appearances by hobby horses and beasts. You can watch events unfold from the lovely new Vixey’s Cafe.

5pm Riverside Park & Tithe Barn watch the procession of Jack & Jill, hundreds of dancers, musicians, beasts and bands. Dress in green and join the parade. Map here. Join a mass circle dance to speed Jack on his way. This is a real spectacle and not to be missed.

5.45pm Stripping Jack Jack is the herald of Summer and to serve his purpose it is traditional that he is stripped of all his greenery by everyone present. Keep your leaves safe to ensure we have a good Summer. Holt Morris will mark his passing and the approach of Summer with their haunting “Signposts” dance, rarely performed anywhere else in the country. Whenever you pass the Tithe Barn in future listen carefully, you may hear Jack as he slumbers awaiting his rebirth.