Jill in the Green

The BoA Green Man Fest is unique in having both a Jack and a Jill in the Green. Jill’s historic costume with green garland and floral hat reminds us of an almost forgotten local Wiltshire historic folk garland dance and of other historic women’s folk dances like the 18th century merry milkmaids who danced with their milk pails piled full of flowers and ribbons and balanced upon their heads. Jill in the Green celebrates our town’s gardens and gardeners, our local tree planting and wild flower borders, she loves our Cotswold countryside and loves loves bees. If you see her go and say hello.

Jill hopes that lots of people and children will enjoy wearing something green at the festival or perhaps even making a festive floral headdress to wear. 

Jill will be touring all our dance locations with her band and her dancers, ‘The Garlanders’, between 10am and 2.30pm and, as she is shorter than Jack, she can get though doors so she’ll also make appearances in most town centre pubs. They’ll be recreating the long lost Wiltshire Garland Dance which you can be part of see here. Her itinerary is flexible but you can definitely catch her at:

9.30am Waking Jack & Jill @ The Tithe Barn Help us wake Jack and Jill; from their year long slumber and watch Holt Morris perform the festival’s opening dances.

10.40am Lamb Yard Jack’s and Jill’s grand entrance into Lamb Yard is always popular so get there early for a front row seat in Pablo’s Bistro or The Mill Cafe. Jack will parade noisily into the yard with his Ganderflankers, Jill in the Green, wild beasts and local Morris dancers. Lots of photo opportunities and a chance to meet Jack and Jill.

11.30am Abbey Mill special visit with Jill in the Green for the residents.

3.00pm The Tithe Barn. From 3pm you can listen to the great Kaboozle samba band, enjoy a drink from our bar, have a poke around the fabulous shops in the Tithebarn Workshops, or relax with a coffee at The Coffee Barn.

3.30pm Tithe Barn Jack and Jill in the Green, their musicians, attendants, beasts and the Ganderflankers will parade around the Tithe Barn farmyard followed by a mass circle dance to speed Jack on his way. This is a real spectacle and not to be missed. Wear something green and join in the procession.