Jill in the Green

The BoA Green Man Fest is unique in having both a Jack and a Jill in the Green. Jill and her band ‘The Jifflers’ (jifffle means to fidget) are a very popular part of the GMF and, following the Waking Jack & Jill ceremony at the Tithe Barn at 9.30am they will be touring all our dance locations during the morning. We’ll publish a detailed itinerary here soon.

In the afternoon Jill and her Jifflers will take up residence in her woodland bower at the Tithe Barn Workshops where children can visit her. She’ll be leading activities for children and we hope to have lots of local children’s dance groups and primary school children dancing for her during the course of the afternoon as well as appearances by hobby horses and beasts. You can watch events unfold from the lovely new Vixey’s Cafe and don’t forget to visit the wonderful workshops they have some great makers.

Our current Jill, shown on the left, is standing down so we’ll have a new Jill for 2024. She will have an entirely new outfit decorated with hand crafted leaves and she is appealing for local craftspeople to make a leaf or two for her skirt and bodice.  

Follow the link here for guidance on what is needed and templates for five different types of tree leaf.