Map & Safety

Our first concern is for everyone’s safety so please act sensibly and considerately to other festival go-ers. Enjoy yourself but do not spoil someone else’s day. If you have any concerns please contact one of our Stewards.

  • First Aid Post is in Westbury Gardens by the road. For emergencies call 999.
  • Lost children/vulnerable adults to the Westbury Gardens Welcome Tent please.
  • Our roads get very busy, especially the Town Bridge. Please try to use the footpaths marked by red dotted lines on the map and cross roads only at the zebra crossings.

Yellow rectangle is our Welcome Tent selling programmes and badges.

Blue rectangles marked M are lunchtime live Music venues.

Red circles marked D are Dance venues.

Green ovals are main event locations.

Mauve hexagonals marked C are free Concert venues.

Turquoise ‘beehives’ marked B are busking/performance spots.

Foaming tankards are pubs/bars premises.