Green Week

Saturday 8th to Friday 14th May 2021. As part of our intention to make the festival as inclusive as possible there will be a range of activities throughout the week to get us into the mood for the weekend.

HAVE A GREAT GREEN IDEA? Contact us if you can think of something else we or your group can turn green for the week.

Green Windows: Bradford has some really interesting shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. If you don’t use them why not? Our town centre would be dead without them. In 2017 and 2019 there were some fantastic window displays and visitors really enjoyed walking around looking at them so the Window Dressing is back for 2021. We hope to turn the windows into a green wood. Watch this space for more information.

Green Man Town Trail: A Green Man Town Trail will start a couple if weeks before the event. It will take you into lots of shops etc in search of the green man. There will be a competition with some great prizes that will be drawn at the closing event at the Tithe Barn on 15th May. Entry forms will be available from James at The Swan and Jackie at Piha. Watch this space for more information.

Green Books: The library will be invited to display as many green book covers as they can. Not a member of the library? Sign up now – use it or loose it.

Green Food & Drink: We’re challenging all our “eateries” and drinking dens to provide green meals and green drinks in the week leading up to the festival.

Green Party: No not them, You! Organise an evening out during the week with your friends and wear something green.

Green Flags: If anyone can come up with 50 or so flag poles (broom handles) and green flags/bunting we’ll put them in the town’s Christmas tree holders on buildings around the town centre. Contact us

Green Man Stone Carving Workshops. More here.

Green Lights: The Council’s lovely lights on the town bridge and in Westbury Gardens are clamouring to be green…

Green Walks: The Town Council have recently adopted a lot of new green spaces in and around town, many maintained by local volunteers. We will invite one of our local walking groups to organise a conducted tour.

Green River: OK, that’s going a bit too far and would need too much green dye.

Green People: Simple – wear something green all week.

“Green” Art Show: we’ll be inviting local artists to submit work for a week long exhibition.

Hobby Horse/Beast Making Workshops: We expect to have at least 15 hobby horses, ‘osses and beasts turning up from around the country, many with dance groups. We’d love some local ones too – they’re easy to make and we’ll be running workshops so anyone can put one together and join in the beastly fun in our parade and beasts’ events. Involve your family, PTA, activity group, work-mates, friends…..  Contact us for advice.

Illustrated Talks on the Green Man, Jack in the Green and May Queen traditions.

Photographic Competition & Exhibition.